1. Zbigniew Rybczynski 1981 : TANGO


    Winner of 1983 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film

    also good bit of trivia from IMDB:

    At the 1983 Oscar ceremony, Polish director Zbigniew Rybczynski had possibly the worst night that any Oscar winner has ever had at the Academy Awards. When his short film, Tango, was announced as the winner of the Best Animated Short category, presenter Kristy McNichol mispronounced Rybczynski’s name as “Zbigniewski Sky.” When Rybczynski accepted the award, his speech was cut off by the orchestra. After talking to reporters in the press room, Rybczynski stepped outside the auditorium to have a cigarette. When he tried to return, an overzealous security guard refused to let him in. Rybczynski was holding his Oscar, but was dressed in a cheap suit and sneakers because he had been unable to afford better clothes. He tried to explain to the guard that he was an Oscar winner, but his English was limited. Hearing Rybczynski’s Polish speech, the security guard assumed the director was drunk and shoved him up against a wall. During the altercation, Rybczynski reportedly yelled, “American Pig! I have Oscar!” and tried to kick the guard in the groin. Rybczynski spent the night in jail before the mess was sorted out.

  2. Sickeningly awesome / Awesomely sickening music video for No One Remains Virgin《獅子胯下》”Under the Lion Crotch” by Wong Ping

  3. Vintage Values: Classic pamphlet cover design from 20th century Ireland

    Vintage Values is a collection of pamphlet covers designed and printed in Ireland between the 1920s and 1960s by the Catholic Truth Society (now Veritas). The pamphlets were principally used to help people seeking advice in a variety of topics such as marriage, sin, dating and social graces.

    An exhibition of the archive will run in the National Print Museum from November 4th -24th 2013.

    35 of the best designs covering a variety of topics will be on show for the first time in over 50 years alongside a selection of the original pamphlets. 


  4. Cool Gif of Mike Mitchell's Super Series 3 set

  5. Mcbess for TFL

    Lovely new TFL posters by Mcbess. Also a rather nice underground etiquette animation:

  6. Really looking forward to seeing Late Night Work Club’s work on Tuesday!


    I’m excited to announce that we are holding a very special London screening of Late Night Work Club's first project- Ghost Stories. 

    It is being held at 7:30PM Tuesday September 3rd at Bar Kick on Shoreditch High St. Entry is free, and we will be having a brief QandA with Dave Prosser, Eamonn O’neill and myself after the screening.

    You bring your friends, we’ll bring ours. Its going to be a really really fun night!

  7. Can - Mushroom

    From Tago Mago 1971

    Fantastic found footage (plus live footage of the band) music video for Can’s seminal 1971 track, the imagery works perfectly to underscore the song’s hypnotic tension.

    Can’t seem to find out much about the video itself. I remember it started popping up on MTV2 in the early 2000’s, assume it was made in the late 90’s, anybody have any idea who it was made by and when?

  8. natgeofound:

    Women use compact mirrors in packed crowd to catch sight of the queen in London, June 1966.
    Photograph by James P. Blair, National Geographic

  9. Words We Dont Say

    I love making obsessive rage-filled lists, so imagine my joy when I stumbled across this gem by Kurt Andersen, former Editor of the New York Magazine. Andersen posted this list to the office bulletin board and banned these words from use in the publication.